Valentine’s Day gift ideas: Amazon Edition

I have to admit, I freaking LOVE Amazon! I am in that generation like most of you where we have really grown up seeing amazing technological advances and I think Amazon Prime is something that honestly has changed the way people shop. I think to myself “I need (fill in the blank)” I  jump on Amazon, order it and BAM in 2 days it’s on my porch. It’s unbelievable!

So I decided to post a couple of the adorable Valentine’s Day gifts I found on Amazon in case you are like me and just realized how quickly this adorable holiday creeped up on us.

First up are these adorable little books. I love thoughtful gifts, and these books come in different themes such as “what I love about mom” “what I love about us” etc

When I saw these socks I knew they would make the perfect gift for my 3. My husband, son and daughter are obsessed with this game…I personally don’t get it but they think it’s hilarious so I thought these socks would make a great gift.

Next up… we are huge fan of The Office in our house so the moment I saw this game I knew it would be perfect. Obviously not appropriate for kids but would make a fun game to play with your adult friends.


If you don’t own one of these adorable little cameras yet you are missing out. I loved polaroid cameras the first time around and I am a fan of these new ones (although if I am being totally honest I wish the photos were bigger.) Do yourself a favor and invest in one, they are great to have around.

Lastly I thought this book just looked the sweetest, I know it is targeted towards little kids but I think it could be good for big kids too, I know my kids will always be my pookies no matter how big they are.


Well there you have it! I hope you’ve enjoyed these finds that you can order from the comfort of your home!



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