The #1 thing all new moms need

This is the #1 thing all new moms need. Being a mom of 2 and having a job where I work with newborns and moms every single day I have learned some tricks of the trade. I have seen every gadget and gizmo around. Some are AMAZING, they are those products that you go “man why didn’t I think of that” its pure genius and I plan to blog about those in future posts. But, today I wanted to focus on the one product that I believe every new mom needs and guess what? I costs less than $10! If you do not have this you need it, if you know someone who has a new baby or is expecting do them a favor and buy this for them, they will love you for it. So here it is, the MyBaby portable noise a machine.

MyBaby, SoundSpa On-the-Go, 4 Soothing Sounds with Adjustable Volume Control, Versatile Clip to attach to Strollers, Diaper Bags & Car Seats, Auto Timer, Small & Lightweight

I have been using this little slice of heaven for every single one of my newborn sessions for the past 6 years. I run it from anywhere between 2-4 hours several days a week and it is still going strong. The battery life is also great, I change the batteries 1-2 times per year. It has the option of 4 different sounds, you can adjust the volume and you can also set the timer for how long you would like it to run, 15, 30 or 45 minutes. Best of all  it’s small and portable, you can clip it onto a car seat and then easily take it off and put it in the baby’s crib. Most parents ask me about it at their session and MANY of them have jumped right on Amazon and purchased it before they even left.

If you have this product leave a comment and let everyone know how awesome you think it is!