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I met Sarah several months ago when she was just barely showing with Vivian. We kept in touch and I did an adorable one year old session for their other daughter Lillyana. Sarah shared with me that at her 18 week ultrasound that she and her husband Clay received potentially devistating news about their sweet baby girl that she was carrying, however they were praying and believing that when she was born what they had seen wouldn’t be there.

Vivian was born on August 23rd, 2014. After she was born tests showed that she had vocal cord paralysis and an MRI of her brain confirmed that she had Chiari 1.5 Malformation.  Viv is the definition of a fighter. She had brain and spinal cord surgery when she was just 5 days old and a  tracheostomy and permanent feeding tube put in place at 19 days old. To date, she has lived her whole life in the NICU but our prayers are that she will get to go home soon.

Viv has a very rare case so it is so important that her story is told and shared, in hopes of helping her parents finding answers or connect with the right people. Please take a minute to read her story on her Facebook page here or on her go fund me page found here.

I was honored to be able to go to the NICU at Children’s hospital in Milwaukee a couple of weeks ago and snap some newborn pictures of Vivian and her family. I can tell you that Sarah and Clay are real life angels. The love they have for their children and the strength that they have is not of this world.


I made a video of the full session that you can view here:

I love being a newborn photographer and it’s times like these that I am the most thankful. It is nothing short of a blessing to be able to photograph someone’s precious child. I consider it an honor to have been able to meet Vivian and capture these images of her and her amazing family. Please keep them in your prayers and spread Vivian’s story. She is one amazing little girl.


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  1. Oh wow, I hope the little girl can go home and lead a full life. look forward to seeing the next blog post of this little girl at home!

  2. God bless this family. Beautiful lifestyle newborn photos. You did such a great job. I hope this little girl is able to come home soon.

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