Madeline | Milwaukee’s Best Newborn Photographer

I know I have said it before but it’s so true, I really do have the most amazing clients and sweet Madeline’s parents are the perfect example. Madeline’s mom’s answers to the questionnaire I send all clients touched a soft spot in my heart right from the beginning. She just came across so genuinely happy and so thankful for this sweet miracle her and her husband were bringing into the world.

When the day came for their session I was excited as always but was really curious to meet this little family in person and see if they matched the vision I had in my head. Well, sure enough they were exactly just as wonderful as I thought and honestly they were even more amazing. The happiness and joy that radiated off of them was almost contagious. It was a blessing to be around honestly.

I think it’s safe to say they sure did welcome a beautiful daughter into this world but I couldn’t help but keep thinking of the quote…”happy girls are the prettiest” This sweet couple’s love,  their happiness really did create a pretty…actually beautiful little girl.

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