Cru | Milwaukee Area Newborn Photographer

Cru, named after a character in his dad’s favorite childhood movie was just a dream to work with. Grandma and Grandpa were visiting from out of town so we had a full house for his session but one that I welcomed joyfully. It is such a blessing to see how much love and happiness a tiny baby can bring. It’s something that is almost contagious,

Milwaukee Area Newborn PhotographerMilwaukee Area Newborn Photographer

At his session we all chatted about how much fun little boys are. I shared stories about our own son, how he has such an amazing zest for life, he LOVES being outside and has allowed my husband to relive some of his favorite things like playing catch and riding skateboards. Cru’s dad’s eyes lit up and he began to talk about how excited he is to do all those things with his son, how that’s how boys should be, outside, playing, full of energy and a love for life.