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I am so sorry I have dropped the ball on blogging lately. I guess it’s not bad because I have been so busy but I feel like I haven’t been sharing all the cuteness and that really isn’t fair to you is it? No, it’s not so to make up for it I am going to blog so much cuteness you will have a huge smile on your face and you will feel super happy inside because, who doesn’t love a cute baby?!?

I was contacted by a friend of Adelay’s mommy Chyna who wrote me such sweet email about Chyna and what an amazing person she was. How she is one of the kindest, most selfless people she knows and that she wanted to give her a newborn session as a gift because she cared so much about her. It was such touching messages so I was so excited for Chyna to have her baby and get to meet her and her husband in person.

Adelay was not only a doll but literally one of the easiest babies I have ever worked with. Most babies are easy,  honestly I rarely get rattled, but Adelay was a whole other level of easy.

Chyna asked if I could do some shots of Adelay in a sack, hat and headband that her grandmother had made her and of course I said yes. Can you even believe how beautiful this is?!? What an amazing talent to make such beautiful garments!

Adelay headband Adely sleep sack

Look at those squishy cheeks!

Adelay newborn posed

4 thoughts on “Adelay Newborn Session | Milwaukee Newborn Photographer

  1. such a cute baby. And I love grandma’s stocking. That is such a personal touch. Sweetness all around.

  2. Oh those little cheeks just kill me! The bright colors in the first two images are great, they are so fun! Lovely newborn photography, her parents are going to be so thrilled!

  3. love this sweet newborn session! I bet the parents fell in love all over again seeing these. Milwaukee is lucky to have such a talented photographer!

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