Sweet Caroline..(dun dun dun) good times never felt so good… Yep, this was the song I sang in my head during this whole session. I love the song so I totally didn’t mind. It’s one of those songs that just makes me happy when I hear it and I wonder if that’s why Caroline’s parents chose that name for her. Regardless I just love the name and I she was as sweet as can be.

We did several different prop shots which are always so fun. I love the whole process of putting together different textures and pieces, it’s so different than the simple bean bag set ups, which I love just as much. It’s always interesting to me when I ask parents their options how everyone is completely different. I would say most of my clients like both and just tell me to “do my thing” but there are some people that definitely prefer one over the other. I love working with parents to make sure they get exactly what they want, it’s part of the whole experience to me.

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