Pure Beauty

Pure Beauty Sessions

Pure beauty sessions is something I came up with after shooting boudoir sessions for the last several years. I loved these sessions so much because after every session my female client would tell me how nervous she was, but how thrilled she is that she did it and how much fun she had. Then after they saw the final product I would hear how they haven’t felt that beautiful in a long time and never knew that’s how the pictures would turn out, etc. I loved that I was helping women feel good about themselves and build confidence.

This got me thinking, I wanted all women to have this experience and feeling but didn’t know how to market it within the boudoir title, so I decided to throw the boudoir title out the door. What says that women have to wear lingerie in order to be attractive? Do husbands only think their wives are sexy when they are wearing stilettos? Heck no, they don’t! Thus, pure beauty sessions were born.

These sessions are whatever each woman wants them to be, you can be dressed however you like. The point, is for you to feel beautiful, for me to capture the essence of who you are, the woman that your husband is in love with, the woman that maybe you haven’t seen in a couple years when you look in the mirror. She is still there! Your husband sees it, your best friend sees it, it’s time that you see it again.